Wednesday, January 20, 2010

happy 190th birthday, IU!

in honor of my school, and all the great times it has brought me, here are some sloppy, IU worthy pictures.

Heaven and Hell party (the one alex and i never made it to)

this might have been little five weekend?

btown premier of IHTSBIH. (got to meet TMax AND we got to hang out on this tour bus later in the night)

mishap after the shot glass glow bowling and hallway gymnastics night.

tailgate for the homecoming (illinios) game with the fam and neighbs.

bucket game - got drunk and tailgated with old highschool teachers/my parents, then snuck vodka in via my uggs, and beer in via lauryn's purse. needless to say, it was a good game even though we lost.

some weekend with lauryn, andrew and caleb.

night two of halloween - sloppy house party and sloppy dexter and peter pan.

christening the apartment with our rockstar party. axl and slash.

lauryn as a very sloppy courtney love.

the fam and i at either parent's weekend or homecoming '08

dana's first snow day!

my team in a huddle at the minnesota game. (picture taken from the BALCONY of assembly hall. as in, way the hell up there.)

slop city at the villas.

we thought this was a boyscout hat.

one night of halloween '08. the green lantern and poseidon. both costumes created and made by me!

curt's dance party night. and lauryn with wayy blonde hair.

alex's 20th!

little 5 '09. definitely wasn't coherent for this part.

welcome week '08 at the villas.

girl talk in dunn meadow.

kiss concert in chicago with alex and papa hoov!

here's to you, IU, congratulations on your 190 years!